About Us

The team came together to build the most accessible video calling system in the world. This was to allow care professionals to connect with their patients in their own homes.


SpeakSet was founded in 2013 in order to solve the problem of isolation for older people. We focus on doing this for care providers and are quickly becoming the leading choice for remote video consultations. We work with organisations big and small and will make sure that SpeakSet is right for you before we do anything else. We want to solve your problems.

Having lived and breathed the problems facing our elderly population, the team became experts on what it takes to make remote consultations a reality.

SpeakSet is run by a partnership of three care providers in the south of the UK. Between them, they care for people across the East and South East of England with 3400 staff. Collectively, they turn over £160 million and run over 120 different NHS and council services.



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