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SpeakSet is the world’s simplest remote care service

We provide a video connection from a health professional to a patient’s TV in their own home. This empowers your local population to live independently and improves their lives. At the same time health professionals can focus on doing what they love, delivering compassionate care rather than spending hours a week travelling.

The Simple TV Interface

SpeakSet helps CCGs to:

  • Save travel
  • Avoid admissions
  • Keep people independent at home

Usable - no matter the skill level.

When we started out we asked more than 1000 older people to test many iterations of the TV video calling device. Our testers called people all over the world from Botswana to San Fransisco. They even modelled their perfect remote controls out of plasticine.

The result: the simplest possible device for someone who has never used technology before.

Simple to use

Simple Implementation - for everyone.

We have used this obsession with detail to make sure it works just as well for care staff. There are no apps to download and SpeakSet calls are made just by logging into this website. Implementation is a breeze!

IT managers will be as happy as the patients. We have spent countless hours working with NHS IT so no integration work is needed.

Web platform on laptop

Reliable - it just works.

The quality of video calls is so surprising, it’s as if you’re in the same room with whoever’s on the other end.

You can always get through. Even if the TV is off the device will ring like a phone. This means patients are always reachable whether that is for medical adherance or just a quick catchup.

The device in use

We can help

Do you want to help the CCG and its member organisations be more efficient and remain true to your belief in delivering compassionate, personal care? SpeakSet reduces staff travel time but unlike other medtech, SpeakSet keeps care face to face and personal.

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But don't just take our word for it!

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Our Partners

Our Partners -

Video Consultation Case Studies

Centura Health

  • Remote consultations were used to serve 200 older patients with long term conditions
  • 30 day readmission rates were reduced by 62%
  • Over 60 days there was a cost saving of $1000 - $1500 per patient

Cleveland Clinic

  • Video link used as a virtual clinic
  • Over 600 patients with chronic conditions used the system
  • These patients rated their satisfaction higher than a regular consultation

SpeakSet saves at least £2500 per patient per year

We ensure that you see real cost savings and give you the tools to present them to your board and members.

But it's not just about saving money. Our whole philosophy is about making people's lives better. Before SpeakSet, our founder lived for two years with his grandparents while they were in their 90’s. He saw the problems they faced and wanted to build something that would help them. After talking to hundreds of other older people, SpeakSet was born.

Now, four years later, SpeakSet is run by a partnership of three large care CICs based across the south of the UK. We use our experience and expertise in delivering quality healthcare to ensure SpeakSet helps to provide even better care for patients.

We care about the patient and believe that remote care will only succeed if they enjoy the experience. Right now, 83% of older people using SpeakSet say it is better than an in person visit to the GP!

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What other people say about us

On rare occasions you come across new tech that has the potential to be transformational, and I feel this can be said about SpeakSet.

Ken Clemens CEO, Age UK Cheshire

I see huge potential in SpeakSet and I have absolute confidence in the team.

Charles Lowe President, Telehealth and e-medicine - RSM

The benefits would therefore be twofold; better patient experience and efficiency in GP time.

Amanda Lonsdale Programme Lead, West Cheshire CCG

If SpeakSet was linked to doctors you wouldn't have to go out to the doctors. I could tell him what's up and what the pain was and he'd know. It would take a lot less stress off us and save them time coming to see me.

Helen (78)

Frequently Asked Questions


SpeakSet is the world’s simplest remote care service


Healthcare is unsustainable and we want to fix it! Older people can live more independently using the technology we take for granted.

What's the problem?

Long term conditions put huge strains on our healthcare systems. 4 million older people in the UK say they are isolated. Shockingly, being isolated makes you 45% more likely to die.

My patients use a laptop, do I need a TV device?

The video calling also works in the browser so tech savvy users can log in and make calls on their existing devices.

Can I have a demonstration?

Yes. Just Sign Up Here and we can organise a demo.

Care is hands on. How can you possibly do it through video?

We do not want to replace hands on care and we are not trying to change that. Instead we want to reduce travel time so staff can spend more time caring.

My patients are not older people, can they use SpeakSet?

Anyone can call their doctor through the system. Get in contact and we can make sure everything goes smoothly.

Do patients need the internet?

Yes, SpeakSet works through a standard internet connection. We have made sure that SpeakSet is simple to set up and there are many grants to help promote connectivity.

How much does it cost?

We have a super simple pricing model. Check out more details on our pricing page.

Who else uses SpeakSet?

We are in use by a wide range of care organisations. From CCGs, GPs and local authorities to hospices, care homes and charities. Please contact us to learn about our implementations.

Is it usable by absolutely anyone?

SpeakSet is the simplest possible design for less tech savvy users. We have had success with people with learning difficulties as well as older people unfamilliar with technology. SpeakSet is the most accessable video calling service out there.

Why not just use Skype?

For video calling to work within a healthcare enviroment it must be; usable, reliable and simple to implement. Skype falls down on each of these hurdles. Solving these problems is what we do best.

Check Out How Simple it is!

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We are rolling out across the UK. Please leave your contact details and we will come and visit you.

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