Secure Video Consultations

SpeakSet carries secure data between your staff and your patients

How do we ensure a secure call?

Point to Point Connection

Our technology connects you to your patient. We act like an encrypted telephone exchange that ensures no one can listen in.

Industry grade encryption

We use AES encryption on all our audio and video data. We also use HMAC-SHA1 to verify data integrity.

Governance and legals

We take IG and data privacy seriously. We are IG certified and have the paperwork to ensure patient and staff safety. Get in contact to discuss any of these details further.

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We would love to answer any questions on security you might have in as much detail as you need.

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Privacy and GDPR

Who runs the SpeakSet service?

The SpeakSet service is run by Albion Outlook Ltd.

Our company number is 09086711 and our registered office address is MCH House Bailey Drive, Gillingham Business Park, Gillingham, Kent, ME8 0PZ.

Albion Outlook Ltd is the data controller. The following organisations are data processors, processing your data on behalf of Albion Outlook Ltd:

How do users give consent for their data to be collected and processed by the SpeakSet service?

Users can sign up to the service after being invited by a SpeakSet user or requesting an invite by contacting SpeakSet Support. During the sign up process, users are encouraged to read this documentation.

What data is collected and where it is processed?

From all users we collect a username. This could be your full name or you can use a nickname if you prefer not to share your full name with us. We collect a username so other users can identity you in the service.

For users of the web experience rather than set top box experience, we also collect an email address. We collect an email address to notify you of notifications relevant to the SpeakSet service, such as contact requests or service notifications, and for administrative tasks such as resetting your password. We collect a password to control legitimate access.

As you use the service, we store a contact list for you. We also collect usage data which is used to provide reports to your organisation administrator and to inform product development.

This data is stored and processed in our servers, which are provided to us by AWS in European data centres.

Your data rights and how to exercise them

The right to be informed

This documentation informs you about the collection and use of your personal data, including the purposes for which is it kept and who it is shared with. During the sign up process, we make users aware of this documentation.

The rights of access and data portability

In order to access your personal data that is being held in an a structured, commonly used and machine readable format, please contact SpeakSet Support at

The right to rectification

If you are web user, you can modify your name and email address through the Profile feature. If you are a TV kit user, you can contact your care organisation to modify your details. To rectify any other details, please contact SpeakSet Support at

The rights to be forgotten, to restrict processing and to object

To be removed from the SpeakSet service, please contact SpeakSet Support at

Rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling

The SpeakSet service does not carry out automated decision making or profiling activities within the context of GDPR.