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Background Info

SpeakSet provides:

  1. Cost savings for care providers
  2. Improved patient satisfaction
  3. Reduced isolation for older people
SpeakSet is a really simple device designed specifically to make video calling accessible for older users. Every step of the development process has been centred on feedback from older people, their families, care homes, charities and doctors.
SpeakSet aims to be the communications network for all care services. By connecting older people through simple video calling on their TV we bring a scalable method of care delivery to the people who use care services the most. The ability to also chat to friends and family makes SpeakSet the first social telehealth product and creates huge user engagement in the service.

SpeakSet saves a care provider over £2400 a year for a patient with long term conditions.

In brief

SpeakSet is moving care delivery to the home. We provide a device that converts any TV into a simple video calling system. It enables older people to speak face to face with healthcare professionals and their loved ones on an interface they are familiar with.
By connecting older people to their support network from the comfort of their own home, we improve patient experience, save money in health care and reduce isolation. SpeakSet's aim is to allow older people to live healthier, happier lives in their own home for longer.

Healthcare is broken. It is simply not designed to manage long term conditions effectively.
Average life expectancy goes up by 5 hours every single day causing a ballooning of our elderly population. Older people are significantly more likely to have one or more long term conditions. The strain that chronic conditions put on our health services is just going to rise.
SpeakSet aims to change care delivery by delivering care in the patient's home. We provide a communications network for all care services; making care delivery more efficient. Care providers have no choice. In order to survive they must move to new delivery methods.

SpeakSet was started by Ewan, Adi and Matt in February 2013 in order to make a lasting difference to isolated older people's lives. Ewan lived with his grandparents for over 18 months who were in their 90's at the time. The team believes in solving people's problems and Ewan's grandparents had lots that they could try and do something about. The question was just; what problems do other older people have as well?
The first four months of the business were spent understanding older people's needs and aspirations. Prototypes were tested and a final product developed - all of which was alongside older people. SpeakSet is now manufactured in bulk in China and is in use all over the UK.

By getting older people onto SpeakSet, we can connect them to their wider support network without them having to struggle to learn how to use new technology. By making it easier to have a consultation with a medical professional from the home, SpeakSet can reduce A&E admissions by 45% and improve patient experience. By connecting older people and reducing isolation, SpeakSet makes people healthier. Being isolated has the same impact on your health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day and makes you 45% more likely to die.
Communication is at the heart of care.

The founding team formed around the idea that technology can be used to significantly impact older people's quality of life. After working on word leading technologies at Bristol and Oxford Universities as well as startups and larger companies like McLaren and Vodafone, all three members of the team knew that they wanted to build something that made a meaningful difference to the quality of life of older people. Today, SpeakSet is run by a partnership of three Healthcare CIC's who use their clinical expertise to ensure SpeakSet helps more older people and more care providers than ever before.


Simple video calling for older people on a familiar interface, the TV.

Healthcare is unsustainable and we want to fix it! Older people have the most to gain from the technology we take for granted.

What's the problem?
Long term conditions put huge strains on our healthcare systems. 4 million older people in the UK say they are isolated. Shockingly, being Isolated makes you 45% more likely to die.

Why Should I care?
We all get a better healthcare system by improving care.

Why "SpeakSet"?
Through months of intense work with experts and older people themselves. We have made sure every last detail is perfect for older people.

Who are you for?
Anyone who has regular consultations with their care providers.

Technology for older people?
Why should older people be excluded from technology just because they haven't learnt to use the latest gadgets?

Why not Skype?
1. Design; older people often find tablets and laptops difficult to use. 2. Security; we provide encrypted calls that can be made inside and outside NHS networks. This ensures your medical data is safe.

How can I get involved?
Get in contact if you work in health or social care or ask your local healthcare provider.

I use a laptop/tablet do I need a TV device?
The video calling also works in the browser so tech savvy users can log in and make calls on their existing devices.

Can I have a demonstration?
Yes. Just drop us an email and we can organise a demo.

I am not old, can I use SpeakSet to chat to my doctor?
Anyone can call their doctor through the system. Ask your GP to get in contact and we can make sure everything goes smoothly.

Will this work anywhere in the world?
Yes, anywhere with internet access.

How can young people design for older users?
By letting older people design the systems themselves and then building what they told us!

How can you change healthcare?
We are focusing on what patients need and are advised by a team of world experts on healthcare, older people and business.

Tell me about the design?
It is focused on simplicity and the physical problems older people face when using tablets or laptops.

Where are you based?
Gillingham, Kent.

Where can I get it?
Ask your healthcare provider or click "order now" on

I have more questions!
Fantastic! Feel free to drop us an email and we will get back to you.


"On rare occasions you come across new tech that has the potential to be transformational, and I feel this can be said about SpeakSet."
- Ken Clemens (CEO Age UK Cheshire)

"I lost my wife about 7 years ago and I am severely disabled. By using SpeakSet I haven't felt so lonely."
- John (80)

"Far better than a phone. There's no comparison of the two."
- Paul (92)

"I see huge potential in SpeakSet and I have absolute confidence in the team."
- Charles Lowe (President Telehealth and e-Medicine - RSM)

"If SpeakSet was linked to doctors you wouldn't have to go out to the doctors. I could tell him what's up and what the pain was and he'd know. It would take a lot less stress off us and save them time coming to see me."
- Helen (78)

"The benefits would therefore be twofold; better patient experience and efficiency in GP time."
- Amanda Lonsdale (West Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group)

"When can I throw my phone away!"
- Terry (74)

"Because most of our elderly clients use the TV every day, it's their main means of communication."
- Gil (Operations Manager Saltbox)

"I love it; I spoke to friends and family in Singapore, New York and Australia. The picture and sound were so clear and sharp. Calls were more tactile and personal and comfortable speaking through the TV."
- Joan (73)

"It’s really special to be able to see people's face you’ve been imaging for such a long time."
- Joanna (befriending Volunteer)



  • 100% of calls are rated as "better than a phone" by older users.

  • 62% of users have requested to speak to their GP using the system

  • 100% of users want to speak to more people over SpeakSet

  • 62% of clients using the befriending service experienced a very positive improvement to their befriender relationship.

  • 62% of users want to speak to other SpeakSet users

Topics we will speak on

  • Design for Older People
  • Usability of Technology
  • Digitising Healthcare
  • Loneliness in Old Age
  • Helping Older People live in their own home for longer
  • Giving Power to the Patient
  • Integrating Health and Social Care