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What is SpeakSet?

SpeakSet is a health tech startup that provides a service that simplifies video calling for everyone. Older people access the service through their TV and care providers use a web platform. The business excels at user led design and absolute simplicity. Video consultations are the future of sustainably delivering healthcare and 70% of care budgets are spent on older people. SpeakSet is leading the charge in changing care delivery forever.

What we Value

  1. Diversity of thinking
  2. Extreme Pragmatism
  3. Relentless ambition

Our Culture

We believe in a no-bullshit approach to user centered design. We learn from our users and design the best possible solutions to their problems. We use technology to improve people's lives. If you want to change the world and think you can learn the skills to do it then please do get in touch.

Business Development

Are you driven to achieve big results in difficult situations? Do you want to be the best at what you do and do you thrive on getting real outcomes every day? Are you resourceful and quick to work out ways around the rules?

If that sounds like you, then joining SpeakSet is the perfect place to launch your career. You will be joining a young and ambitious team formed on Europe's leading startup accelerator – Entrepreneur First. As a part of this team you will have the opportunity to grow alongside the business and at the same time change the way healthcare is delivered.

The NHS has the impossible task of saving £20bn by the end of 2015. 7 out of 10 healthcare buyers are looking at video calling as the answer to their problems. You will be reaching and influencing leaders in private care as well as CEOs and commissioners in the public sector. Ultimately, every deal you make steps people in the UK towards a radically better health service.

We Look For:

  • Driven to excel
  • A hustler
  • You don't take no for an answer
  • Customer development
  • Charismatic, confident and energetic
  • Able to manage yourself and grow your role

Marketing and Content Intern

Video calling may be the future of healthcare but there is still a lot of work to be done in order to educate clinicians. The NHS is the 5th largest employer in the world and it is your job to tell those 1.7 million employees how video calling can make their lives easier and how they can begin to convert.

You will develop and implement marketing strategies, create fantastic content, organise events and write articles for journals. As a member of a tight knit team, working closely with the founders, your voice will be directly influencing the marketing strategy and the business as a whole.

We Look For:

  • Ability to test different channels and content types
  • Experience with analytics and making this data actionable
  • World class communication and writing skills
  • Excellent planning and organisational skills
  • English fluency and sophistication
  • Blogging / copy-writing experience
  • Customer focused mindset to create the best possible content

Customer Support

SpeakSet works closely with vulnerable older people. Fantastic service is something the business takes to new levels. Being empathetic and working out how our users see the world allows us to develop the product quickly. Sitting down and having a cup of tea and getting to know every single one of our users is a really enjoyable and incredibly important part of delivering a great service.

Customer support directly influences the development of the product; finding real world problems and solving them in creative ways. As a member of a tight knit team your voice will be directly influencing the direction of the product and business.

We Look For:

  • Loves to talk to and get to know people
  • Can handle and build rapport with large groups of very different people
  • Able to solve problems in creative ways
  • Empathetic
  • Able to spot problems and patterns before they develop fully